Conditions for Sunday worship are likely to change as pandemic conditions change. Please check this page often for updates. 

      Worship at TCC Under Covid Conditions

Update 11/16/2021  - From Pastor Rosemary – The Worship Ministry met on Monday (11/15/2021)  to discuss needed changes to the Sunday Service. We are doing the best we can with the intent of ‘better safe than sorry’.  At this point (and an ever-changing target) we will be sharing a congregational Call to Worship and Lord’s Prayer. We are also adding back in ‘Special Music’. We ask you to continue entering just 5 minutes before the service begins (but you can chat), and to mask and socially distance. We also ask you to continue to write prayer requests and announcements.  Along with Trustees we are looking into an air exchange/filtration system so that we can do more in our worship service.  Thank you all for your feedback and patience.