Sunday Worship in the Church Building is Suspended Until Further Notice 

Outside worship resumed in the Lower Parking Lot on

Pentecost Sunday (May 23).  

Bring a lawn chair and sit six feet apart. In the event of inclement weather, worship will be via  Zoom.  

We practice state and UCC health protocols. 

Consult the Trumpet Blast for details.​  Also see 

Sept. 15, 2020 Letter to the Congregation.


TCC Takeout:

An Order of Service for These Times



​​TCC Takeout is a liturgy for these times when we find ourselves apart from one another physically. Physical distance, however, doesn't have to mean personal or social distance. We remain together as loving friends in the Body of Christ when we continue reaching out to one another by  phone, Zoom, email, cards, and always by prayer. 


Email or call the church office for information about how to join us in our services either outside in the  Lower Parking Lot or over Zoom, and for additional information and answers to your questions:  



Takeout Archive

Church Discernment Process


                                      Order of Worship and Announcements

NOTE:  Week by week, announcements about goings on in the church appear in the Trumpet Blast, but you should also check the Happenings  page for additional information.